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Google Gadgets

Enjoy a desktop full of live, personalized data


Google Picasa with WINE 1.0

gOS 3.1 pre-installs WINE 1.0, which makes it capable of running some Windows software. For example, Google Picasa for Linux runs like it does on Windows thanks to WINE 1.0.


Google Mail and Calendar

Easy to use mail and calendar programs that are totally web-based so you can take it anywhere


Google Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

Great web-based office suite that can open Microsoft Office document formats and PDFs


3D Window Switcher

Special desktop effects make gOS 3.1 even cooler and more fun to use


Google Desktop Search

Find files fast with desktop search


Mozilla Firefox

The world's best web browser


Open Office

A full productivity suite for when you're offline or need advanced functions


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