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Good OS was founded by David Liu who previously founded and ran a web development company from 1999-2006. David graduated from UCLA where he studied Computer Communication.

Good OS has an engineering centric culture and team, with an expertise in Web and Linux operating system software, and working experience from different hardware and software companies and open source projects.

The team is based in the US and Taiwan.

Board of Advisors

· John Hui - Founder of eMachines (sold to Gateway), former owner of Packard Bell (sold to Acer)

· Charlie Chen
- Special Assistant to President, Wistron, formerly head of Phoenix Technologies' Taiwan office

· Andrea Zurek
- Former Regional Sales Manager at Google, founding partner at XG Ventures and on Board of Directors at Sand Hill Angels

· David Lee
- Former director of Asia Pacific at Google, hired as the first international executive to lead the sales, operations, and business development efforts in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

· Greg Lee
- Formerly ran the sales customer analytics group within product marketing at Google.

· Pierre Wolff
- Founder and CEO of AdPassage, former executive at Inktomi, Tribe, and other Internet companies


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