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What's Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an idea that what makes up your "personal computer" - your desktop, your apps, and your data, - can live and run on the Internet instead of on your hard drive.

With our "Cloud" operating system, users can turn on their computers to a web browser, and immediately start surfing the web, emailing, and chatting. "Cloud" simplifies the experience of using a computer, by moving everyday computing into the web browser.

Cloud can be installed and used together with other operating systems, or can act as a standalone operating system.


Why bundle Cloud with your PC?

Cloud is probably the simplest GUI-based operating system you will have ever bundled with your computers. Provide your users with a computer experience they will immediately understand and enjoy.

We are currently open for partnerships. Please feel free to email us at partner@thinkgos.com.

Why did we develop Cloud?

We felt a need for software to adapt to the emerging group of hardware products designed just for Internet use. Looking at what was essential, we reduced the operating system to include only an integrated web browser.

What's the future of Cloud?

We will continue to adapt the best browser and operating system technology into Cloud's newest versions for a faster, safer, and better user experience. We'll also be working with different partners to develop and introduce new and exciting web services over our Cloud platform.


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